"Thank you so much for the gift of your wonderful photographs. Almost all the photos are great but my personal favourite is this one. just beautiful. I love your use of lights and grabbing the right expression. God bless you and your work. Thank you once again for the time and your superb photography. Looking forward to meeting you again." - Usha Uthup



"I was very hesitant when I was initially introduced to Vijay & Vidhya. I didn't know them at all and only through a referral, I booked them as my baby sisters' wedding photographers!! I was worried sick .. What if they messed up? They didn't know anything about a Muslim wedding.. No sangeet .. No dancing! I was worried. If anything would go wrong .. My family would kill me!! When Vijay & Vidhya came on the first day (Mehendi Day), they fit in like family! It didn't take us long to just accept the, into our crazy family .. We just loved them! They both are extremely warm, loving and were very respectful of our traditions & culture, trust me .. they fit in like our very own! Even my grandma loved them! Honestly, we never had to give them any directions .. they did they job and never once did we feel like they were outsiders! Now came the time to see their work... OMG! They totally left us awestruck! Their work is amazing and absolutely beautiful! Vijay & Vidhya are extremely talented and they helped create such beautiful memories for my family and I! I can't thank them enough for the outstanding job they did! I know I'm raving but really.. These guys are totally awesome and also the newest members of our family. Vijay & Vidhya .. We love you guys and your work .. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" - Nadia Oomer


"Vijay is an energetic and eclectic personality who will add a touch of enthusiasm to any setting. An informal chat about taking pictures of my bike resulted in a very interesting photo session on NH5. I would definitely recommend the services of Vijay and iclickd for anyone looking for a personal touch to their photo session. Way to go my friend!" - Sathya Kalyanasundaram


"Well, as I started to plan my parents 25th anniversary I had everything in place apart from a photographer and I was in two minds whether to have a photographer at all. Finally I did decide to go ahead with a photographer which was a wise decision, but I had no idea who would be ideal for this job and would do it right just the way we want it. I was keen on having mostly candid shots as it captures the natural essence of the evening and I needed someone who would get it right. And for a while now I had been following the iclickd facebook page and I liked what I saw and I’m extremely happy that I decided to have you guys cover my parents 25th Wedding Anniversary, but since it was so last minute I did not get the chance to meet Vijay in person for to give him an idea at what I was expecting and all I managed was one phone conversation with him which had me lil worried at first and I have to say Iclickd most definitely lived upto my expectations, which if you ask the people close to me will tell you is not a easy thing to do.Vijay did a fantastic job at capturing the essence of the evening. And I have to say capturing candid shots especially of a family like mine can be quiet a task as we are all such posers. Drama Drama!! But he did it so effortlessly. Now I have some really beautiful pictures for my parents to go back down memory lane and share them with others and have some beautiful Sunday evenings in the future browsing through them and cherishing this beautiful day.It was a pleasure working with Vijay, he interacted well with the whole family captured some beautiful candid moments and was part of the evening like he is family which I appreciate very much. And I look forward to working with you in the future as well. Thank you so very much for being so good at what you do. I wish you good luck for you have a long way to go and be part of many other events and turn them into beautiful memories for so many out there.Thank You so very much for capturing the moments with such precision and care." - Priyanka Ghosh


" The only way to describe how iClickd is different is that it’s personal. With other photographers, you get a painted background, maybe some props, and the whole family stands around in a forced pose. But with these photos, everything looks completely natural. I believe that is because he gets to know his subjects. He interacts with the whole family, including the children, and makes everyone feel comfortable – and it shows in the pictures. He really understands the personal aspect of things, and how to get the best out of his subjects. Once he has laid this groundwork, he gets down to the business of taking photographs – and he is all business! But it is clearly more than a job to him, it is clearly his passion. This blend of personal care and passion for work is really what makes these pictures shine.Everyone one loves their children – they are the dearest thing in life. But a good photograph can elevate your favorite person into a new light, and everyone can see what you see. I saw my daughter in a new light with these photographs. It took my breath away. My daughter loved the photographs; my whole family loved the photographs and wanted to see them over and over. iClickd doesn’t force the children to pose, he makes them feel comfortable with him and their surroundings, and then takes pictures of children in their natural state. It gives the photographs a different touch. Everyone can feel this when they see the pictures. I use these pictures on Facebook, on Twitter, anywhere where I want to show off my family (and that’s everywhere!) and everyone has commented on what great photos these are. You can almost hear the subjects singing a song, or see them breathing. It gives me great satisfaction to know that I have now captured the best moment of my child and family on paper, and that it can be enjoyed day after day." - Pinal Dave


"We were instantly impressed with Vijay and Vidhya with their laid back and chilled way of working. We felt comfortable with them, which is really important for the day when you're trying to look your best and want them to capture the best shots! We first did a outdoor shoot one day before the sangeeth. It went very smoothly and they made us feel so comfortable that we felt it was shooting with a bunch of friends. On the day of the sangeeth they surprised us with a slide show of the pictures of our photoshoot and we loved it. It was the best. During the wedding they mixed in like family. We were a little worried if they could get good pictures of all of us since we are a huge family. But they did an amazing job and covered every close family and friends. They captured the day so beautifully with shots from all sorts of angles that we didn't see ourselves. We were so super excited when the photos came back, and watching them together was as emotional as the day itself .Then came the big surprise when they showed us videos of the entire wedding. They had made a video clip of every event it was just wonderfull. The fact that Vijay was with Vibhu in the morning and Vidhya was with me and that their cameras were time synced meant that I saw what vibhu was doing while I was getting ready and vice-versa - that was a real treat and I felt like I didn't miss a thing.The photos are magical. We cannot thank you enough for capturing our day the way you did.
Wedding photography is a big deal but Iclickd really made it easy with their unique way of capturing every detail of our wedding. They are the creative minds behind the lens.They produce art. A MASSIVE THANK YOU!!!! " - Lekha and Vibhu

Nayana Prakash

“The way he makes one comfortable while getting clicked is the best part I liked about iClickd! It helps in capturing the moment in its true self..! I completely adore your clicks and feel privileged to be iClickd! Would wait to see more and more captured moments from you! Great going iClickd!” - Nayana Prakash.

Pooja Kulseja

"iClickd does a fantastic job in capturing candid emotions. He has an eye for capturing moments that you cherish and wish to relive time and again by watching his pictures. What’s most amazing about his photography is that he doesn't just capture the shot he captures 'the experience’. His work- simple yet full of life and has always been a treat to eye! " - Pooja Kulseja

Donna and Sarah

"What I like about iClickd is that most of the shots, especially those of children, are candid and expressive. In case of children, he manages to capture every bit of their innocence through his clicks. There is very less photo editing involved, which makes the pics naturally beautiful. I believe that any photographer should have a great eye for beauty and the best angles, and it is important to stay focused on the object in front of the lens to extract its beauty in photographs - and Vijay has achieved these in most of his shots. I am glad to see new clicks in his page, and every single one is unique. Good job Vijay! Hope to see more from iClickd." - Donna Mathews

Supriya Shastri

"Vijay Raj , who I met through a common friend while he was clicking my friend's baby ,surabhi , that’s when I saw him at his work for the first time , observing his passion/interest/drive towards photography , I was so motivated . While I was at the peak of my craze for photography , watching his work gave me that little push and that’s when I took a decision to buy a professional camera . I was extremely confused in the beginning of my research, then it occurred to me that VJ has to be the right person to take suggestions from and that’s how I got convinced to buy a Canon 550 D . I am SO glad I got convinced, he also accompanied me while I was buying my camera, which was very sweet of him . And , that’s how he taught me how to HOLD the camera and it all started from there. And that’s exactly why I call him my Guru I cant thank you enough, Guru Coming to his work Iclickd , well I mentioned it in the beginning that it was my motivational factor. I like how his pictures are so simple yet they say so much. I love the fact that his pictures are so natural and earthy, there’s nothing unnatural about his pictures. He knows to capture that right expression at the right time. I had the privilege to get IClickd , I had envisioned an idea , a fictional character , quite unusual and off the beat and I must say he not only understood and nurtured my idea in the right way , he also enhanced it with his own ideas and his views and created such beautiful pictures for me. I am really happy with the outcome and I thank you so much for the lovely pictures , its very close to my heart . I’m glad to have known you as a good friend , a guide and a photographer . I wish you all the best and I look forward to some great work by Iclickd" - Supriya Shastri

Lakshmi Bharadwaj

"Photography to me always meant capturing the soul more than a person, a story more than an image. The photographers who achieve this gain my respect. I loved posing for Iclickd. Vijay is a great photographer, and I believe his work is fair evidence. You can recognize that quality instantly upon viewing his images, I don’t need to spin an elaborate essay to explain that. His work is professional and his images—truthful. That is what makes his works different. He does not just click a picture, he makes a picture. They carry a lot of meaning without going overboard on the editing or distorting the essence of the photograph. That is the best part of his work: he keeps it simple and yet powerfully conveys the soul of the image. The photographers who achieve that are gems. It’s refreshing.
iClickd has tremendously benefitted me. These photographs have captured the best moments of my life. My book-release function occurred on 22nd August 2011, and iClickd captured the loveliest moments of the event. When I look at these pictures, nothing creates a greater sense of achievement, fulfillment and happiness. It was an event that was very special to me, and was captured so brilliantly by iclickd. It’s truly touched my life. The following photoshoot was also very special. It was the first single photoshoot that featured me exclusively, I was only used to family photos. It made me feel special. I’m thankful to iClickd for the brilliant pictures. Always shall be. " - Lakshmi Bharadwaj


"iClickd portrayed me as who I am. Other photographers wanted to change my looks to make me look different. It has touched my life in many ways. It gave me confidence and most importantly my soul mate. " - Vidhya

Veena Sharan

"iclickd is been just great in presenting “our love” to the world. It was only after we saw the photos we realized how natural those pictures were and how beautifully they were taken. We were truly surprised to see the chemistry between us being so nicely pictured, which indeed is special. In fact that’s the best part – Iclickd captures the very uniqueness in you. We are grateful for helping us treasure the wonderful moments of our lives forever " - Veena Sharan

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