Understanding your Camera and Fundamentals

This Workshop is your first and most important step into the magical world of Photography. This session will cover the basic concepts of photography and why it is important to understand your camera when you click pictures. We will also look at some of the best practices and guides on how you can make the pictures better. Further, we will help you understand the basic workflow of processing images to enhance details in your images. Of-course, it does not end here. We intend to make this an interactive session. So, do not hesitate to ask your questions. We love constructive discussions. We know you’ll find them useful too.


Choose your preference and email us at learning@iclickd.com for schedule and fee details. Looking forward to hear from you. Please find below the detailed Workshop Agenda.

Understanding your Camera and Fundamentals

Technical Concepts of photography and Understanding your camera. (60 minutes)

  • Focus and Focal Length
  • Understanding exposure, histograms and metering
  • Aperture, Depth of Field, Shutter-speed, ISO and White Balance
  • Familiarization with all the controls in your camera
  • Camera modes and making the best out of your camera – Program Mode, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and Manual modes
  • Tips and Discussing Techniques like Motion Freeze, Zoom Burst, Panning etc.

How to make Pictures better (60 minutes)

  • Choosing the right lens
  • Guidelines for good composition, Framing techniques
  • Understanding perspectives, Angles and Geometry in pictures
  • Importance of storytelling or drama in your pictures
  • Posing Guides and tips to get some quality portraits in natural light
  • Getting creative with Lights and the background blur a.k.a Bokeh.
  • Social Media to share your work and also learn.

Outdoor Activity (60 minutes) – for Classroom Attendees only

Digital Post Processing (40 minutes)

  • Importance of clicking in RAW
  • Getting Started with Lightroom.
  • Understand the Workflow of Processing Images
  • Basics Of Understanding Colors and White Balance
  • How to make Adjustments to your image.
  • Live Processing some of the pictures clicked at the workshop

Open Discussion and closing notes. (20 minutes)

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